Built in the 1920’s, this home was originally designed in the era of Art Deco. Over the years successive owners have changed the feeling of the home from the sleek modern of the 1920’s to a mixture of colonial Spanish revival with Craftsman details. 


Our goal with Orange Grove was to revive the spirit of the original Art Deco Design, and inject sustainable consciousness into this early twentieth century Los Angeles home - improving the new owner’s health, and energy savings. 


The sustainable elements include: 

  • Low flow fixtures 

  • Finishes that were made from recycled materials

  • 2000 sq ft of artificial turf

  • Highly efficient HVAC system

  • Energy star appliances

  • Low VOC paints

  • LED Lights throughout

  • Converted swimming pool from a chlorine system to salt water 

  • Installed large trellis to provide shade and reduce urban heat island effect

  • Installed custom awnings over doors and windows to reduce air conditioning


We chose all of these measures to improve the ecological balance of the property, as well as improve the wellbeing of the owners.  

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