Eco Housing Design Group is a real estate development and design firm established in 2017 by father-daughter team, Jonathan and Sarah Boyer. Jonathan and Sarah share a passion and complementary skillset for bringing future-fit homes to the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. EHD Group blends sustainable architecture and innovative design in order to create healthy homes with aesthetically compelling and efficient living spaces.


We believe in the power and long-term benefits of green design. Our company is dedicated to using renewable energy, environmentally friendly materials, water conservation systems and other eco-conscious solutions to help improve the well-being of our clients. These ecological solutions also enhance communities by extending the lifespan of structures, reducing operating costs and increasing property value. 


As a company, we’re sensitive to our carbon footprint. Whether it is the proper removal of toxic materials or responsible recycling, we make every effort to minimize negative environmental impacts from the moment we break ground on construction, to the final decorative touch. 


Our capabilities are expansive. From developing new real estate, to remodeling existing structures where revitalization meets restoration, our work extends to both the interior and exterior of a home. We draw our inspiration not only from the diverse needs of our clients, but the natural elements and resources of California. 


We are devoted to creating sustainable housing that enriches human life and contributes to the progress of innovative and beautiful green design. 


We believe all architecture should include sustainability in its design and it is our moral imperative that our work is done with future generations in mind. 

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